Dare 2 Endure

I know you had ideas and plans, but in our current situation most of us have seen our professional and personal dreams put on hold.

Hardly any face to face meetings, so either no interviews or doing the horrible online interview to then be told that hirings are now on hold.

That person you finally got the courage to ask out … now dates have to wait

No large crowds for your birthday party

The list piles on and on

I wish we all could do a worldwide hug … but it is not possible … right now

In the meantime 

  1. Get up early and yes 9 am is tooooo late
  2. Go online, get an app, get a book whatever works for you and practice meditation even if it is only 5 minutes
  3. Workout, and make an effort even if it is 10 minutes and gradually increase the time, shoot for at least 30 minutes.

So for this week, Dare 2 Endure and you will see how things will change
Video: https://youtu.be/quZq761324k

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