Challenge the Assumptions

Misconceptions are commonly held beliefs that have no basis in actual facts. These misconceptions lead us to preconceived thinking which affects our attitudes and behavior toward projects, food, cultures and people. Some of our preconceived thinking are based on direct personal experiences from the past. Then some of this knowledge is past down for generations without anyone asking questions or seeking more information.

For example, I will never forget when my maternal grandmother saw me trying to drink milk after I had eaten several pieces of pineapple. NOOOOOOO she said, if you eat that now, the milk will go sour in your stomach, you will have stomach pain and diarrhea. She then went to tell me story of a neighbor she had who did the same thing when she was growing up and almost died after a strong acute diarrhea that lasted several days.

Well, when my grandmother was growing up refrigerators were not a common household appliance, all milk was fresh and not always well pasteurized before drinking and without refrigerators its longevity was short. Also, raw milk can carry harmful bacteria and other germs that can make you very sick or kill you. Another important factor that we have learned with time, is that digestions starts in the mouth. So, the moment you put milk in your mouth, digestions start working and it goes “sour” right away.

As simple as this seam, there are so many “scientific” facts which stop us from testing and creating new things. Before you throw away that napkin idea, just because one of your friends says it can’t be done, read, search ask and test. Challenge your assumptions on that project, foods you have not tried, cultures you are troubled by and people you are afraid to meet. Do it today and you will see how much life will change for the better.
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