Today I Choose: 30 Daily Affirmations to Empower Your Mind and Restore Your Spirit

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Today I Choose contains 30 prayers or affirmations that can be used personally, individually or as a group. It is a series of theoretical-practical exercises and from being completed in all sessions, participants can change their way of thinking, making it play in their favor and not against them.

It can be used as a didactic guide in a personal way, as well as a work tool for facilitators in a group setting. It is a series of exercises from accumulated empirical knowledge of participants’ experiences, the writer’s own personal and professional experiences and consultation with experts.

In a period of 30 days, a facilitator can train groups of young people or adults in vulnerable situations, accompanying them in the process of developing skills and abilities, designed to find themselves and above all to discover the real meaning of their lives.

These 30 affirmations work, as they have the capacity to program our minds to function based on a certain idea and change your life forever.

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